Having had a difficult childhood and a troubled teenage, I know from firsthand experience that rejection is perhaps one of the most difficult things to handle. The struggle to fit in, consumes your energy that otherwise would have been spent on more productive things. But over the years, you’d start seeing the ways, that struggle helped you in.

The process of healing, of nursing your soul and seeing beyond good and bad experiences goes a long, long way. It takes time to come to terms with past and to open up about future, to shed the insecurities collected while growing up, to dump the baggage carried on the back and to stop living a reactionary life. Yes, the process is hard. It IS supposed to be hard, but be sure, when you come out of it the right way (read, Allah’s way), you’ll become a much more beautiful person than you ever imagined.

Don’t carry a bag on your shoulder, collecting in it every bad experience, every hurtful word and the like. Life is short. Life is beautiful. Everything you come across is either a test or a lesson. Take the test, collect the lesson and move on.

Don’t let your past experiences make you afraid to love, to trust people. Love to the fullest, love everyone and love for the sake of Allah SWT and you’ll be responded in a blink. Be kind, be polite, for life is really difficult for some out there. And forgive, hard to do, but do it anyways. And you’ll feel you’re finally turning from a caterpillar in a butterfly, you’ll finally start seeing light at the end of the tunnel.


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